2017 in Review and 2018 Goals

It's that time of year again.  I have some downtime this week so I'm making my goals early.

2017 in review:

Color:  Despite my love for black and white, I took a color theory workshop as promised.  Little did I know it was a necessary building block for my 2018 goals.

Learning my new camera:  I gave the entire year to the Fuji XT2 and can confidently say it's the wrong camera for me.  When it wasn't broken, it was screwing up my back-lit shots.  I missed months of work and threw away hundreds of ruined photos.  I ordered new gear this week.  Update:  My trade-in went south and I ended up with the Fuji back in my hands.  I'll roll with it. 

Fine art:  I shot just enough to satisfy me and didn't push projects before they were ready.  I'm learning to sit with things.  I'm learning family/work balance.  I'm learning there are seasons to push and seasons to be still.

Information intake:  The past few years I've been a prolific reader.  I scaled back in 2017 and replaced it with a side project that involved researching thousands of pieces of art.  A little art history never hurt anyone.  I was able to monetize this which gives me more financial freedom with my photography.

2018 Goals:

Video:  I've been putting off learning video for too long.   I hope to learn basic color grading and find a stable workflow.   I want to research selling stock footage and to create personal work of my family, for my family

One word:  Usually I chose one word to define my year.  Last year was simplicity, this year is gratitude.  For those who know me best, this is actually quite funny.  I had some breakthroughs this week and it's time to start trusting in goodness.

Location:  We are moving this summer but don't know where yet!  The Pacific Northwest?  Can't wait to find out.

Prints:  While I love printing my own work I don't know if I will have room to take my printer this next move.  All my prints are now outsourced.  There are lots of size and frame options in my new shop.  Less time babysitting work and more time shooting!

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  1. Love these annual posts. Love you. Love these parts best.

    "I'm learning there are seasons to push and seasons to be still."

    "I had some breakthroughs this week and it's time to start trusting in goodness."

    1. See, I'm not a lost cause to optimism (: Always an inspiration how deliberate you are at it.