May Day, May Day!

This is why I get nothing done.  I had no plans to think creative thoughts today but it happened.  Let me give you a rundown of how ideas happen.

  • I open my order of Pantone Color Postcards for use in another project.
  • I think hmm... what would happen if I pull out the ones that make me feel good rather than go to the grocery store?
  • Dusk, driftwood, rocky shore, wooded pathway, red.  Red the pop of starfish, knit caps, buoys, wild berries.  Looks right.  Feels right.

100 postcards box

  • Put on some shoes and run errands
  • Ponder color and feeling
  • Resent my second grade teacher for her critique of my coloring technique
  • Wonder what the hell her problem was
  • Text husband "We're having a color party!  You bring the gin"
  • Ponder how I could frame each family member's choice of colors
  • Color family portraits!
  • Briefly wonder how I can profit from this
  • Realize Pantone is a trademark
  • Decide I will cover the trademark

  • Drive home and see spring flowers
  • Think about how I hate spring
  • My colors are decidedly not spring
  • I'm not spring
  • Feel smug.  Take that spring.
  • Spring, spring, May 
  • May, MET, May Picture at the MET.  Paul Klee.
  • Rearrange the order of my colors.
  • Curse you Paul Klee!
  • Decide I can skip the entire art project and frame a Klee print. Or not, we shall see.

the met painting paul klee
Paul Klee, May Picture, 1925 - The MET

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