Link List - December 2016

december white photos
December 2016

I'm clearing out my bookmarks to make way for the new year and it seemed proper to make a December link list of the best.  I hope you find something that inspires you!

Portrait of My Land Trailer:  I ordered this and cannot wait.  The release of the book trailer just made it that much harder.  I should go check my mail again!
Lil Buck at Foundation Louis Vuitton:  always a dancing inspiration.

This photo series: Wanawake, Being a woman in Congo

One Pan Mexican Quinoa:  A new go-to quick dinner in our home

The Crown:  I'm not a big TV watcher but this was filmed beautifully.  Did they use fog in the background of all the interior shots?

Which leads me to my new want item:  Fog in a can

This Lightroom tip to speed things up:  Rendering 1:1 previews

Currently Reading:  Letters of Note: Volume 2.  Artists who like to get paid may appreciate this letter.


  1. I love some of the photos in Wanawake! Also, I read the first Letters of Note on your recommendation last year and loved it, but I seem to have completely left it off my book list for that month. What in the world?! I'll have to get the second volume from the library!

    1. I was going to message you and tell you about the second book - glad you saw this. I love the sheer variety of letters. I've been reading a few before bed each night. What a range!