2016 in Review and 2017 Goals

Every year is the craziest year yet.  My entire world exploded in 2016.  I was still in a major depression for the first half of the year.  I lost a couple siblings and a parent to various forms of madness and prison.  I lost my childhood faith.  And I began walking alongside a few dear ones while they go through dark valleys of their own.

Nothing like a good bit of trauma to teach me what I want in life.  What is worth my energy, and what isn't.  When to push and when to rest.  I'm emerging settled and confident in my current decisions.  I'm at a place in life where I have nothing to prove, to anyone.  A good place for my creative and personal life.


2016 in review:

I made good on my promise to learn fine art printing and now have complete control over my craft from start to finish.  I blogged about the entire process including the printer set up I did.

To keep my printer running regularly I opened a second Etsy shop, Fine Earth Prints, that sells art reproductions and vintage book pages. In turn, the profits from this shop paid for me to finally upgrade my camera gear.

I continued to add to my licensing portfolio with Plainpicture.

I worked through The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and will continue to do the suggested writing pages in 2017.  Not everyday, but when I need.  Giving room to your uncensored voice is powerful and I encourage any artist to try free writing for a period of time.

I also made a point of reading fiction more often.  The best books of my year were:
All the Light We Cannot See
To A God Unknown
The Night Circus

Goals for 2017:

Color!  Did you notice this is my first year in review that is all in color?  I'm determined to get my color refined and under control.  I'm kicking off this goal by taking a color theory workshop next month.

I'm also letting myself have a break from producing fine art series.  Location is everything, and at my current location, it's a struggle.  We will probably move in the next 6-18 months, so it's not forever.

I'm going to learn my new camera and photograph more basics.

I'm going to give myself room to wander.  I keep coming back to this visual poem

I want to continue to refine the merging of my creative life with my family life so it is always a gift and never a burden.

I want to begin to hold space for longer term goals.

And so, forward!

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