Skin to Skin

I have a lot of skin to earth imagery in my portfolio.  This is for many reasons, none of them being sensational.  Do you know how it feels to be wrapped in the earth?  To have all your sensations pricked alive.  Or what it feels like to wake to the present and then drop through the ages into timelessness. The hush of all things.

I liken it to infant/mother skin to skin contact.  Familiarity.  Finding my way home.

Warm wind was rushing through the canyon, the water roaring at my feet, and spray gently kissing my back.  I forgot about the discomfort of the rocks.  I forgot about watching the trail for hikers.  I hardly remembered I was taking a picture at all. 

As it should be.

"Is this what is always feels like for you?" I asked my husband.  "When I take your picture?  Is it like all time stops?"


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