Nautilus Pompilius

Underwater Portrait

I had not planned on creating anything this week but inspiration weaseled it's way into my brain.

First I watched this cold water swimming film and then I happened upon this beautiful image by Romana Zordini.  I started to consider the stinking slimy waters of the South Platte River near my home.

I'm terrified of dark water, slime, creepy crawlies, e coli, and most of all... fish.  Of which I saw a huge one float down the river just as I was setting up to shoot  from a bridge.  I packed up and found some safer looking water near the rapids. 

Double Exposure Self Portrait

Woman Floating in Water

In between panicked squeals of "what's crawling on me!" I slowly worked up the nerve to push myself down in the water.  "I'm going to be quick, get ready to snap my shutter, you only have a second.  Ready, set..."

And then the river enveloped me in the most gentle embrace and whispered above and below and through me.  And I was no longer in a hurry to be let go.

Self Portrait River Underwater
White Dress Underwater Double Exposure

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