July Link List 2016

Colorado 2016

I just got back from a trip to California.  Without my camera!  How's that for a real vacation?  The beach, the lake, the river... all those touchstones that make me come alive.  To mark the occasion I revived an old California image I had taken and put it in my shop.  With that, I shall start this month's link list.

My newest print in the shop: Palm

Recent Photo Inspiration:
Rudolf Koppitz
Viki Kollerov√° 
Lola Alvarez Bravo

Recent Books I've read:
Wilderness (Rockwell Kent's Alaskan journal)
Rosalie Lightning (the Graphic Memoir that made me cry)
Anthem (quick and interesting read)
The City of Ember (reading this series with my 9 year old)

Currently reading/drawing through: One Zentangle a Day

Online Reading: Adventure Journal

Favorite new Photoshop Feature: Content Aware Crop
*turn off 'classic mode' or it won't work

Gift to myself this week.  Her Instagram has a 40% off code if you are fast.

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