April Link List 2016

Maryanne Gobble Photography
St. Mary's Glacier, Colorado - April 2016

Have you guys noticed I've slowed down taking photos?  For whatever reason, I don't connect well with my surroundings in Colorado.  We are going to tough it out for one more year and I'm set on filling my creative well one way or another.

I'm currently reading through The Artist's Way again.  Last week one of my exercises was to write down 20 things I enjoy doing.  I had a hard time coming up with 20 off the top of my head, but one on the list was cloud watching.  The next day we drove up to St. Mary's Glacier and did just that.  Which hit a couple other things on my list:  hiking and photography.

Reading is on the list.  I read a quirky juvenile fiction book, Counting by 7's, and now I'm reading, The Soul of an Octopus.  Fascinating creatures.

Octopus is what I think when I see this fashion clip.

I have a thing for sea creatures.
This movie
This artist book
This print

Favorite photographer find this month is Petros Koublis Photography

Favorite painters I've discovered are Danna Ray and Yelena Brykenkova

This poem

This short film/poem

Interviews I'll be watching next month

Worthy cause

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