St. Mary's Glacier - Colorado

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We discovered St Marys a few weeks back when my main camera lens was broken.  I was frantic to get back before Spring started thawing things out.  We planned a second trip that was thwarted by 90 mph wind gusts, then a third trip that was canceled when my kids got sick.

By the time we finally made it back I wasn't expecting much with the forecast 0 degree windchill and boring blue sky.

But somewhere in the forest of 2,000 year old Bristlecone pines a special sort of magic started to brew.  Wind gusts raced down the slope and threw us into whiteout conditions.  Then pause... glittering powder drifted back to the ground.  Then GUST!  And we would fall to our knees hiding our faces from the sting and  me giggling into my jacket absolutely intoxicated by what was going on.

You can see how powerful the winds were on this video clip.

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