The Start of a Project - 52 weeks

Some years I produce a lot more work than others - for lots of reasons.   This last year has been a slow one for me.  Going into 2016 I remind myself it's knowing what I can accomplish in a day, a week, and a year.

I considered a 365 project - one photo, everyday, for a year.  Totally not practical for this year.    So I've cut it down to a 52 week project.  Approximately a photo a week - probably all black and white.  Perhaps more documentary of my family.  Simplicity.  Life.

This morning I created a folder on my desktop "52 weeks".  It's official.  We're not even through January and I have 6.  I can do this!

For more inspiration on what you can do with your days or years:

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 and The Photographers Who Joined Her

Illuminate Planner 2016  (I keep lists in Google Drive but this is a nice option if you want to jot it out by week) 


  1. xo...I got a few hits from your site and am just seeing this Maryanne! Quite a nice compliment coming from someone who makes pretty amazing self portraits. I have to say your blog is full of all kinds of beautiful images by you and interesting links and thoughts. I have enjoyed myself and spent far too much time :)

    1. Thanks you! I've loved discovering your work this year. It always encourages me to take more images of my family.