Open Spaces

Maryanne Gobble

It's been difficult finding my place in Denver.  I realize part of it has been the altitude adjustment and accompanying depression, but boy have I tanked.  No will to go outdoors, to photograph, or have any human beings within 20 feet of me. 

And if I have to hear one more gush about the Colorado sunshine or Rocky Mountains or best place to live stats,  I might vomit. 

Maryanne Gobble

But my family finally requested adventure and put me in charge.   So we hopped in the car and headed East.

East, away from the mountains,  to the middle of nowhere.  That's what it said on the internet.  "the middle of nowhere."  That's the spot for me!

Colorado Landscape

Into the plains.  Along empty roads.  Until I yelled, stop!  Stop the car, we have to pull over!

Abandoned Colorado

And we did, but no one got out except me.  To the house standing alone in the field.  Towards the soft thumping inside, followed by two massive owls swooping over my head.   Then the boys stumbled out of the car and came running.

Through the grass littered with freshly torn feathers.  Into the house with bones crunching under our feet.  So many bones!   Layers upon layers of royal owly feasts.


Rattle Snake Skin

Out into the fields looking for... Well, anything.  Snake skin for starters.  For adventure.  For places we can breathe again.  For rolling fields and known places. 

I've since been extracting promises.

Promise we will go East again?

Perhaps Wyoming?

That other empty house?

Desolate, wonderful places!

I love desolate.

"I know you do"

My insides are desolate and maybe a little wild.

"I know they are"




  1. I'm glad you got to do something good for your head and heart. And color photography? You *must* be feeling a little wild! ;)

    1. Don't worry, just beige. If I get colorful, you should start being concerned (: