2015 in Review and 2016 Goals

2016 is almost here and it's time for my yearly overview and goal setting.  2015 was very different for me than I had imagined but I learned so much.

In 2015:

My goal was to study and photograph trees.  Highlights included hopping on a plane and flying out to the Redwoods right after reading The Wild Trees. Such a good book!  Also, finding the perfect Sitka Spruce tree only to get attacked by yellow jackets when I stepped on their nest.

I moved to the outskirts of Denver, Colorado in July.  No trees here.  And then spiraled into a major funk that I am just now coming out of 6 months later.  I didn't pick up my camera much, but I did do a lot of research and reading.

I opened a new online shop.

I started licensing a bunch of my color work with Plainpicture.

I drew boundary lines with what I'm willing to do as a photographer and who I am willing to work with.  This included severing ties with a stock photo company, refusing to enter any more competitions that have rights grabs in the fine print (National Geographic YourShot, ahem), not giving away free images for publishing (again, National Geographic books and magazine, AHEM)  and not entering any juried gallery shows unless there is something in it for the artist. 

Basically I learned to have sovereignty over my work and reclaim some dignity in the process.

Which leads me to my 2016 goals:

I'm going to start printing my own fine art prints! I test printed and researched every kind of paper you could think of in 2015, then bought my own printer.  It arrives on Monday.  Oh, you'll be hearing about this!  If you want to follow along, I will be continuing my blog series on printing.  So far I have posts on C-Prints and Silver Gelatin and Press Prints.  Fine art prints and home printing will be coming in a few months.

I'm going to explore the possibility of learning to incorporate video and/or audio in my creative process this year.

In 2016 I plan on making a point of sitting down to learn new things.   Online education dates in my PJs!  My local library gives me free access to Lynda.com and I might also keep an eye on the free streaming courses over at Creativelive.com.

I'll continue reading.  Here is my 2015 book list I read.  Big Magic was one of the really good ones and reminded me I need to keep my curiosity alive this next year.  Everything else will follow.

And what am I curious about this next year?  Desolate places, Wyoming, the Eastern Colorado plains...  Broken mirrors, moving pictures, wind, prisms, adventure...

It's a start and I'm ready!

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  1. Maryanne,

    thank you for this. How do you like your new online shop?
    I always learn a lot from you. Also, I just looked at your color work. There is some great stuff in there, too.
    Good luck with the printing! I hope to get to that point sooner rather than later.

    1. I like it quite a bit. It was an easy set up. Not as customizable as Etsy, but it does everything I need and matches my main site much better. And yes, the printer is exciting! I just need to figure out what sizes I'll be printing and get some more paper. xo

  2. The Black & White approach you tried with the Fessler redwood may be the best option. It's very hard to photograph in color. I don't do much black and white, but may dabble more in the years ahead.

    Cheers, MDV / http://www.mdvaden.com/grove_of_titans.shtml