Link List November 2015

Indian Sands Oregon Self Portrait
Indian Sands - Oregon - September 2015

It's getting cozy here in Colorado.  We've had our first light snow and another round on the way tomorrow.  Grab a hot cup of coffee and settle in for my monthly link list!

I know I'm not the only photographer new to Lightroom.  Pick and reject is the most time saving tip I can pass on.  I turn on caps lock (this makes it auto advance), then press "p" for any images I wish to keep and "x" for the rejects. Then I hold down Ctrl+Backspace at the end to permanently delete the rejected files.

Speaking of Lightroom, I discovered Totally Rad is giving out a few samples of their Replichrome film emulators.  The above photo was processed using the Fuji Pro 800 Noritisu preset.

All the best movies come out in winter.  I'm most looking forward to The Revenant.  It's shot entirely with natural light and in remote locations.

I'm still plowing through books.  2015 marks the year I've read more books than any year of my life.   The best ones this month were Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari.

The holidays are coming.  Support the arts!  Some things I've been eyeing are
Double exposures by Polina Washington
Paintings by ClareElsaesser 
Silk Screen Gift Bags and Tea Towels
Handmade Ceramic Flower Pots
Uh huh honey Print

and I just added some small silver gelatin prints to my shop.

I'm always looking for new instrumental music to edit to.  Black Violin is a new to me group.

I can't wait to make this veggie dish again for the holidays.

And my boys have been begging for hot cocoa so I may also give this a try.

Happy November!


  1. Three things. Those flower pots are super cute! I loved the Black Violin link you shared on FB recently was great and I'll definitely be listening to more of them. That recipe makes me want to eat ... now. :)