Link List - October 2015

maryanne gobble photography
Beach Fire -  Last Day of Summer 2015

Fall as finally arrived and I'm feeling more like myself already.  I can think and feel more clearly.  Today is overcast and womb-like, a welcome break from the relentless Colorado sun.  Everything is coming up cozy.

I have various things I'm working on from my last shoot, but lets start the  month with a link list.

New to me artist:  Joanna Pallaris

A dose of technical common sense:  A Plea for DNG

My stomping grounds, as seen from the sea:  The Raw Way Home

maryanne gobble photography
Mack Arch as seen from Crook Point - September 2015

Inspiration:  Brooke Shaden Interview  "I see the world very specifically. I always have."

For photographers as well as dancers:  I Dance with my Heart

Grab your tissues: Human.  They have lots of stories on their Facebook and YouTube also.

More on being Human:  Trauma Workers Find Solace in a Pause

Must see portfolio: Nashalina Schrape - True Fiction

Currently reading:  Library of Souls  and The Man Who Wasn't There

Quote:  "Successful people...  Every one of them has a story saying, "Here's a list of people who said I should do something safe."  Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Popular Science, September 2015

Favorite new dish:  Tex-Mex Casserole  (her photos don't do it justice, ignore them)

Thank you to everyone who lets me poach their links and then forget to give credit to.  You know who you are.

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