Family Favorites

I've been culling through my portfolio images the last couple months and thought to ask each of my family members to pick a favorite of themselves.  My husband's favorite was still in color from my old  site so I promptly informed him I can't invite a color photograph into my monochromatic world.  He just shrugged and flashed a half grin, "fix it then, I thought you were a real photographer".  Is that a challenge?

maryanne gobble photography portrait

Mother's Day at Castlewood State Park, Ballwin, Missouri.  He's been asking to go back to this place ever since but I have since learned the water is contaminated.    It was fun while it lasted.

Child Portrait maryanne gobble photography

The day he turned eight.  Hazelwood, Missouri.   He told me the hike was boring and taking pictures was the only good part of the morning.

Maryanne Gobble-Human Series

Whiskeytown, California along the lake shore.  I loved our lake days.  This day was partly cloudy so he waited very patiently under the roots for the sun to keep peeking out and make the shadows re-appear.

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