February Link List 2015

maryanne gobble photography

I'm indoors for a few days while the flu runs through my household.  So time for a new link list.

Photo book I'm dying to own:  Genesis

Must share photo series:  The Weight of Being Human

Paintings that inspire grand scales and epic proportions:  Alan Lee  in particular, The Mountains

I love the rules of this photo contest:  100 Mile Radius

This article:  The Best Thing you can do for Yourself and all the Women Around You

Working my way through this book:  A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen

To make at home:  Superfood Lattes

Ted Talks:  The Dangers of Willful Blindness and Photographs of Secret Sites

The coast that shaped me (ignore the cheesy music):  The Oregon Coast - A Winter Odyssey

This one has better clips of Oregon's forests and fog: The Coast

And my short take on Orion Magazine's site: Places Where You Live

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