2014 in Review and 2015 Goals

I didn't have a lot of concrete creative goals in 2014 and basically took things day by day. 

I made 3 trips to Oregon, spent mass amounts of time at the St. Louis county library, and created in fits and starts. 

I took notes through all of this, literally.  Tidbits from conversations with strangers, quotes from books, word lists...  I've discovered this sort of recording has a term, a commonplace book, and I plan on keeping a better one in 2015.  For more on this sort of note keeping and mingling of ideas I suggest reading, Where Good Ideas Come From.

I finally got around to printing my own photo book, Notes and Rests,  and licensing both my fine art and lifestyle images through Offset.  Update 2015: I'm now with Plainpicture. 

In 2015 I'm most likely moving to Colorado for my husband's career and am excited about the new  opportunities this will present for both of us.  We geek out on outdoorsy things so I'm sure we will get out to explore often.   My 'homework' this Spring is researching trees in both fact and myth and maybe learning to sketch a few.  I want to put special emphasis on learning about aspen colonies and coastal sitka spruce.  Recommendations welcome.

2013's review here

fine art black and white
fine art black and whitefine art black and white forest
fine art black and white
digital double exposure fine art
double exposure fine art
digital double exposure
fine art black and white
double exposure portrait

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