The Five Stages of Gain


I'm not really into surprises.  I'm into calculated risk and reward.  I'm into controlled anticipation.  I'm into finding the sex of my babies early, peeking at Christmas presents, and hiding in my house with the lights off if anyone comes a knocking.

Insomnia drove me to my computer the other night.  Or should I say morning as it was nearly 4 am.  I tried so hard to find sleep that I wandered through all the boringness folders I could find.  Until... 

Blah, blah, blah, camera... something or other... wow that's a lot of money...2014.  Wait a minute?  Who's receipt is this and why is it dated this week?  What is happening?  Isn't that the amount left over  from our tax return?

At this point my husband is peacefully sleeping in a hotel  several states away.  So I do what any rational person would do.  I Facebook message him a small volume of the most psychotic writing I can muster.   I demand answers, it must be a mistake, I howl about the cost, "what if I get breast cancer and we need the money" I actually ask.  I crawl back into bed and settle into thundering rain clouds until they morph into joyful rainbows.  And it's just the best thing ever.  Until I get so worked up I feel like barfing.  Barfing rainbows.  

I repeat this process about 3 times.  

Later I learn it's quite natural.  The five stages of loss.  Or in my case, gain.  Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

So anyways I'm now the proud owner of a Canon T5i.  It's pretty great.  Big step up for me.

P.S. Those stomach flutterings finally did morph into a full fledged flu.  You may not hear from me for another week or so... 

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