Why Adventure Isn't Fun

It started with a walk through the meadow.  Pulling you along and telling stories.  Then through the hole in the fence, under the dying oak and back again.   The grass lay in waves and I pretended we were going for a swim.

I know of an ancient Indian site but I told you we were just walking.  To look for some vines I said.  Straight ahead, I think just a little bit further.   The sameness of the  brush made me tipsy until I became centered by the chattering of the mud, mouthing off at our feet.  I feel badly you didn't have boots and I was deceitful every time you asked, "how much further?"

I strung you along with my stories letting them weave into the tapestry of our own.   You tried not to smile but I saw your lips curl just before the turn of your head.  "I'm not sure about this mud", and you give me the look.  The I'm not sure about your trickery and shenanigans look.  But I act like I don't know what your looking about.

Adventure is never fun when we are actually having one I insist.  Did you think climbing that volcano was fun when it was actually happening?  Or beating through the redwoods in the freezing rain?  Don't worry, this will seem like fun when we are past and looking back.  I promise.  For that is the spirit of adventure.

At some point my Native dream became lost to the mud and we stood there staring at the sulking river.  "The most beautiful place in Amercia!" we called out with the best spite we could muster.  I found a flashlight in the mire and let it flicker on.  "Hey look!  I'm going to pretend I'm a lighthouse keeper and I'm out looking for my cat."  And you seemed a little bit scared to be alone in the woods with me.

Nevermind that, you picked up the pace and made better time back through the man eating mud careful to keep the distance between us.  Until I got stuck in the ooze attempting to reach the baby head.  You rescued me valiantly turning our adventure story into a love story.  Our own  love story.   "You know I keep you around to save me from myself?"

Did you have fun?
"Yes" you smile.
I forever knew you would.

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maryanne gobble photography

maryanne gobble photography


  1. Life is full of stories. They are always more interesting/fun in hindsight. That's the point when we realize that it just wasn't so bad.

  2. "The sameness of the brush made me tipsy until I became centered by the chattering of the mud, mouthing off at our feet."

    this is where I swallowed my breath.

    1. <3 I wondered out loud if the mud was mouthing off at our feet or just mouthing our feet as the suction does make it seem like a hundred sucker fish. I think you can have that done as a spa treatment in other countries... the fish... suckering your feet. Weird.