Snow Day - St. Louis 2014

First blog post of 2014!

My kids have been home the whole year thus far, due to the weather, so any plans to sit down and hash out new year goals have slid to the wayside.

Actually, I did start a 3 day smoothie detox but then snowpocalypse happened and then sub zero temperatures...  And then...well who wants to sip frozen pureed vegetables when it's -20 degrees out and your children have turned into wild monkeys with no hope of driving anywhere for days?  My husband says the only reason I survived the first day of detox was because I didn't leave my bed all day.  "Dr. Oz said rest so I'm resting"

How this all finds me in the snow with a clear glass dinner plate in front of my lens stumbling around I wouldn't know. 

While in Oregon last summer I found myself standing in a coastal forest while the rain poured down and the wind snapped fierce.  I let the rain drops pool in my eyes blurring the branches overhead.  It looked like the second picture down and sounded just like the last half of this to my eyes.  If eyes had ears that is.

Maryanne Gobble PhotographyMaryanne Gobble Photography
Maryanne Gobble Photography

Maryanne Gobble Photography

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