2013 in Review

Well, 2013 was a year of uncertainty and change!  We sold everything we owned except for what fit in our cars so my husband could accept a flying job (squeal!). We resided in California, Oregon, and now Missouri.

A total stranger sent me a back-up camera in the mail.  Which I needed when my main camera died.  Then an acquaintance sent me his old Canon camera so I could continue using my Canon lens.  Which is the camera I have used for this last half of 2013.  So much generosity!

The best thing I've read all year is this parable.

Inspiration in the unlikeliest of places included this song.  I love the metaphors and roots of it.  His tribute to 'home'

I went on a reading spree consuming about 45 books this year. Mostly non-fiction. Yet  this gritty fictional story altered me.  I'm cautious to recommend it as some parts were more graphic than necessary.  But  oh my wow.  It unraveled my soul.

My proudest photo accomplishment this year was contributing to this photo book.

My weirdest photo experience was testifying in a stalking case which was won in part due to the fact I photographed a threatening sign the stalker had displayed.  Oh photography!

Some of the most inspirational images I've seen this year I've saved here

The most beautiful moments I've had which I did not photograph include running along ocean cliffs, watching whales breach out of the sea, swimming in the clearest river I know, long drives, good friends,  tucking my kids into bed in the softness of the night then falling asleep next to my love.

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Maryanne Gobble Photography
 Hedge Creek Falls - Dunsmuir, CA
Maryanne Gobble Photography
 Peter Iredale Shipwreck - Warrenton, OR
Maryanne Gobble Photography
 Kalmiopsis Wilderness - Southern Oregon
Black and White FIne Art
 Saint Stanislaus Conservation Area - Hazelwood, MO
Maryanne Gobble Photography
 Redwood Grove near Chetco River- Brookings, OR
Maryanne Gobble Photography
Walnut Tree - St. Louis, MO
Maryanne Gobble Photography
 Trees at Fort Bellefontaine - St. Louis, MO
Maryanne Gobble Photography
 Saint Stanislaus Conservation Area - Hazelwood, MO
Maryanne Gobble Fine Art Photography
 Secret Beaches - Brookings, OR
Self Portrait Maryanne Gobble Photography
 Whaleshead Beach - Brookings, OR
Maryanne Gobble Photography
 Sporthaven Beach - Brookings, OR
Maryanne Gobble Fine Art Photography
 Redwood - Brookings, OR
Maryanne Gobble Photography
Lone Ranch Beach - Brookings, OR


  1. Thanks for this review. "The Red Tent" was recommended to me, but I haven't read it yet. Since I always like your recommendations for pretty much anything, I will read it in 2014.
    I wish you all the best for the next year. Will you still be in Saint Louis?

    1. I had just started reading the bible in Chronological order and was almost to the part that inspired the red tent. It's VERY loosely based but reading the biblical account after the book made everything seem more alive.

      The parts overly graphic for my taste were only sexual in nature as I felt there were a few too many details in a few love scenes and a pagan ritual. I'm very conservative in that way. Contrary to what my extended family thinks about me :)

      But the book was overflowing with richness of life and I may have shed a few tears. It made me want to be brave and kind and at home with the bloody mess of being a woman.

      We will still be in St. Louis 2014. I would not be surprised if Josh's base was eventually moved to Chicago but he could always commute if that happened until we pulled ourselves together to move.

      You better come visit this way soon! Little cold right now though. 0 degree windchill this morning.