Portraits: Abandoned Parkng Garage

Dustin contacted me a few weeks back and I regretfully told him I don't do portraits outside of personal work. Wait... you have a beard? You take photos too? You know of an enormous abandoned parking garage?  High contrast is your thing?  Well, well, well, that changes everything, my friend.

It felt good to do a portrait session again.  My husband worries I'm crippling myself by doing too much personal work.  "Use it or loose it" , he says.

You can check out Dustin's slick design work here and and photography here.

High contrast portrait St. Louis

shadow portrait design

portrait parking garage

portrait parking garage

portrait parking garage

black and white portrait parking garage

maryanne gobble photography

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  1. Cool shots Maryanne! Sometimes it's easy to forget how much fun it is to shoot with someone else :)