Self Portraits in Del Norte Redwoods - Behind the Scenes

Part of me hates to post before and after for the sheer fact it makes these blog posts look so cluttered.  But that is why I have a separate portfolio from my blog.  Blogs are made to be more journal like.

I wanted to give a little glimpse into the process of making my redwood images this summer.  It was such a strange experience.  The enormity of the trees is overwhelming.  Flitting in and out of the nooks and crannies with occasional tourists passing by and voices echoing in the distance...

This particular grove I happened across 3 years ago.  Due to a series of events I was unable to access it again until this year.  My mom offered to take my kids to an event that day so I just packed up a bag with gear and a change of clothes then took off knowing it was my last chance with these trees before the big St. Louis move.

fine art photography redwoods california

Below are some before and after shots.  I would set up my tripod and then use the 10 second timer while I ran into place.  To make sure it was worth my time I tested it in my regular clothes before making a dress change.  Below is what one frame encompassed.  I combined multiple shots to get more breadth in the final image above.

before and after digital photography example

The roots below I have wanted since I first lay eyes on them in 2010.   Keep those ideas in your head and they may come to fruition even if there are years in between.

redwood roots fine art digital photography

Oh, this gives away my secret if you didn't figure it already.  I flipped the image for more impact.  My test shot reveals all!

behind the scenes before and after shot

While I'm not crazy about the pose, I do love this hollow tree.  I ran around this spot in half jeans half dress for sometime before taking the shot below.

fine art self portrait redwood trees

 In between (:

behind the scenes

Another below where I'm not entirely fond of the pose.  Yet the work of running from the camera barefoot and shimmying up the tree within 10 seconds is a feat worth documenting.

photo stitch redwood forest self portrait

Below you can see what fit into just one frame before adding the height in the above shot.

del norte redwoods figure
All in all it was a great experience. It was creativity within solitude.  I ate wild berries, forged through the brush, walked along streams and almost knocked myself out with my tripod.  A grand goodby to the coast I know as home before my journey to the Midwest.


  1. OMG these are amazing! I just noticed a comment you left in 2011 at one of my blogs, done in 2009, :). The blogs were originally done elsewhere and not everything made it over to blogspot in perfect order. Every once in a while I check old stuff, that's how. I will be back.