Bone Collecting and Other Adventures

I've been a little under the weather for several days but I've been trying to make it a point to get outside despite my lackluster motivations.   It's always a little leap of faith knowing I'll be rewarded by the experience once I'm out and about having mini adventures.

I let myself be thrashed by the coastal winds and rain while exploring a dark forest and sea bluffs.  I crouched in the trees watching them sway wildly while rain drops periodically blurred my vision contributing to the all consuming swirl of motion.  It was wonderful!

My boys and I shared dinner over a beach fire letting the driftwood become play guns, collecting heart shaped rocks, and delighting in the lone rib bone camouflaged in the wood piles. 

It's been a good few days.

P.S. Until I'm settled in St. Louis later this year I have been posting more often on Facebook and less often on Blogger.  You can follow the random tidbits over on my page if you wish.

Maryanne Gobble Photography

Maryanne Gobble PhotographyMaryanne Gobble Photography
Maryanne Gobble Photography


  1. Love the portrait of your son. Enjoy the time in this beautiful nature.

  2. I keep coming back to your blog. I just enjoy it so very much.