Lucky 13 - Life at the Beach

Adjusting to coastal life is just that, an adjustment.  The landscape is in a constant swirling motion yet life itself feels stuck in a foggy dreamlike state.  It's hard for me to capture this in photos.  They either look too static or agonizingly cliche.  How do you capture child's play under the heavy grey sky?  Along with a constant  muffled racket...  the whipping winds... the gulls crying and the waves echoing off the sea-stacks.

Motion blur.  It drives some people up a wall.  But I have come to realize an advantage I have this Spring.  I can do my thing.  I have minimal access to view others work for these few months.   You know how that goes.  You take some pictures then second guess yourself when you see what everyone else is doing.  Yup. 

If I were to spend a day at the beach with my kids and camera I would set my shutter to 1/13th of a second then twist, turn, or zoom during every hand held exposure.  We would build forts, climb rocks, find rainbows, and look for beach treasure.  So that's just what we did.

brookings or fine art

fine art motion blur

harris beach state park photography

child play fine art

chetco point brookings or

in camera motion blur


  1. You know how much I love your artistic blur images! I especially love the spinning one with Vincent at the entrance to the driftwood fort.

    1. Kim, there are forts EVERYWHERE for some reason. I don't ever remember this much driftwood in Brookings. Boys are having a blast.