Finding a Routine Again

It's easy to forget that living a creative life isn't just about riding the ups and downs of brain surges. There is a certain discipline that must be installed to prevent overload and the subsequent pile of creative barf.  No one likes looking at your barf.  I'm trying to get back into the groove of routine.

I have not been sleeping as much so it seems a good time to resume my morning pages.  Putting the barf down on paper...  It's safe there.   I threw away all my notes and journals before the move so this will be a fresh start. 

This morning consisted of writing, black coffee, running through the redwoods, and a long drive through the fog while listening to Snow Patrol.  I feel recalibrated.  Now to wake up each day and pursue similar routines then see what happens.  Maybe my mind will become clear enough to organize my scattered thoughts into real work.

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maryanne gobble self portrait

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