Should I Be Packing?

I'm such a stress case right now. We put in our notice to leave the mold and now the race is on to find a low cost rental. Oh, did I mention my husband has just a few weeks to finish two thirds of his calculus class if he ever wants to officially finish his degree? So why he is working full time and spending his off time with a tutor I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

I'm also suppose to be re-applying to medical for my kids and emergency utility bill help. And how do I deal?

I stop everything I'm doing and stare at the light specks on the wall. My youngest puts his arms up and tells me he's like Jesus. The light dances, miniature Jesus is creeping me out and all is well and will be well...with my soul.

Moving on, moving out, roger.
maryanne gobble photography
maryanne gobble photography

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