I Am So Over January

double exposure photo woman flowers maryanne gobble
fine art double exposure child flowers black and white
Notice I have not been posting as many pictures?  It seems everything we touch lately breaks. Cars, phones, airplanes... True story.  My husband is currently stranded somewhere in California because the plane he was flying last night broke down.

'Seems I have the magic touch'

Uh yea... don't even think about touching my camera.

Today is the first day I've had to myself for awhile.  I'll try to act like I'm sorry I got the bed all to myself last night.  Finally sent both my kids to school after several sick days.

The good news?

I have done a lot of thinking.  I'm cementing thoughts about creativity, beauty and art into my innermost being.  Moving from thinking things, to knowing things.

I've almost completely weaned myself off caffeine.  Which may also explain the lack of photos!

I've had a few photo goals from years ago reawaken in me this month which is exiting.  It also means I have to start working out so I don't hurt myself adventuring in the future.

So Feburary goals:

no caffiene
get in shape
eat right  Someone try this curry soup, it's amazing.
feed my brain Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks, The Rock that is Higher by Le'Engle, Mink River by B. Doyle
revisit double exposures
stay open to new experiences
make goals I actually want to finish


  1. Thank you for this, Maryanne. Your goals inspire me, and I love the first picture.

    1. Thank you Manuela. I had not intended on posting the first picture but it's been growing on me.

  2. Hi Maryanne, I'm with you on the "everything we touch breaks" I was hoping for a break in the new year but it carries on ... back up hard drive, computer screen, car screen, car, ... you do beat us with the plane, wow, time for February right ?
    Beautiful pictures!!!!

    1. Oh no! Hard drive would be the worst. I hope you didn't permanently loose anything on it? January is almost over. But we still had time to chip the windshield on the car yesterday. Three more days. Lets make a pact not to touch anything he he.