Abandoned Trains–McCloud California

I struggled to make these train photos a set. The final conclusion was to sacrifice the bright blue skies and colored box cars for a black and white story.

What a fun unexpected photo location.  We drove down a random road, then I got sidetracked by a huge red building...  Thinking I would snap a quick family photo we drove over to it only to discover it was an old train house with several trains parked nearby.   The trains just happened to have some open doors so we piled out of the car, ran across the snow, and went exploring.

I didn't get too crazy with photos because we had the kids along.  There were some safety issues and it seems people camp out in various parts of the trains.  There was a dining car!  How did I not photograph the toaster in the dining car?  I hope there will be a next time for that.


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  1. I love them, and I love abandoned trains. You just live in a gorgeous area.