When John Lennon Meets Jay Z


He totally is right?   So I wasn't going for hip hop... it's just he's a photographer and like we photographers tend to do he was talking with his hands.  I'm leaning on a handrail full of bat poop while David is talking about photography or something.  Something, because once I saw the shot I stopped listening and started telling him to put his hands back how he had them.  And he rocked it!

It's been almost a year since I've done portraiture with a new face.  Getting a little rusty.  I butchered a good many photos between these shots and have a good idea what I need to work on next time.  Never stop practicing.   Use it or loose it.

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    1. Thanks, this is the Monolith where I had wanted to take you last time you were in town! Not sure what Paige would have thought. I forgot it's a little smelly inside from the bats.