What Are You Thankful For?

Hope everyone is off to a great Thanksgiving week. I am thankful for candid photos, family, pirates, being dramatic, walnuts, and written nonsense. As demonstrated below.

maryanne gobble photography

Life is Awesome

"Grocery shopping tomorrow" I always say
Tomorrow my son got his first award for supreme intellectual awesomeness
I was there.  I saw it.  The carrier of my genes.  He's 5
Apparently you can get sick from being so awesome
It's a heavy load.
I could tell you all about it

Many tomorrows later we are still home
The cupboards...  well...
It seems we still have potatoes, onions... green tomatoes
The rain has finally stopped
He's still sick

I go searching for the walnuts last heard pinging down the roof
Black tannin stains my hands as I pull back the soggy hulls
Gory business, necessary business
I have children to feed, and they are awesome

A car whizzes by and suddenly I'm strangely aware
I've been digging through the leaves.  So I freeze.
Goods clutched in grubby  hands,  pockets bulging with the rest
At such a point any sudden move could make me appear nuts.

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