How I Took it Contest–Icarus Self Portrait

DIY Photography is running a contest this month showcasing behind the scenes breakdowns of various photos.  Let me do a quick rundown of my Icarus self portrait.

fine art creative self portrait woman

I was cold but desperate to make an image.  I let the kids play on the computer and started in.

The white "wings" in the shot are from a curtain sheer purchased for a dollar at a garage sale.  I cut it into strips.  One strip was tied around my waist like a belt and the other strips threaded onto that.  The belt kept the wings anchored while I bent forward and flapped my arms for all it was worth.  At 1/20th of a second it was just enough to blur the white and keep my body fairly sharp if I timed it for the tail end of the movement.

I used a remote switch with a 2 second delay and had my tripod mounted above me.  Yea... about that.  As you can see below it's not exactly stable, but it did work.  Take notice of the space heater, it was around 32 degrees that morning and I was in my underpants. 

The center post of the tripod can be unscrewed and inserted upside down for another angle.  I've done a similar set up in tree branches a few times.  For the trees I tie my camera strap to the branch just in case the tripod gives way.

Well, there you have it folks.  The garage, curtain, wing flapping, freezing cold, self portrait.


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