A Favorites List


Favorite moment this week:  I was walking through the mist along the Sacramento River a few days ago and hear a “here pretty pretty”.    A suspenseful moment later a figure emerges with three cats trotting behind him, “heeeere pretty cat”.  Whew!  Sort of freaked me out for a second.    It was just the saint that feeds the wild river cats.

Books: I’m reading The Christian Imagination.  Ugh it has some dull parts, but the nuggets in it are true golden nuggets.  In one essay Lucie Shaw quotes an excerpt from the 1870 diary of a Canadian prairie woman in reference to quilt making: "I make them warm to keep my family from freezing; I make them beautiful to keep my heart from breaking"  Whoa.  The whole book is worth that one quote.  Truth people.  Truth.

I also  read A Year of Magical Thinking this week.  A book about grief, love, and family.  I love how she refers to "the shallowness of sanity"

DIY:  I cut the sleeves off the sweater for a photo shoot. Used the sweater for the shoot and the sleeves for something like this. Except I wore them over leggings with combat boots. I think I'm on the fashion police most wanted list now.  And I didn't sew them, I rolled them.  Smooth criminal.  The hobo look works in my neighborhood anyhow.

Food:  I think we are eating Spinach and Spaghetti Squash Casserole for Thanksgiving.  It's way yum.  Roasted brussel sprouts, stuffed mushrooms, pumpkin pie, crock pot apple cider.   mmm...

Video:  This 20  minute TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson is interesting.  Schools and creativity. I love the story of the dancer at the end!

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