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five children and it 1948

I am easy inspired during autumn months.  Can I share a few pieces?  I'm finding more often that words and stories are all it takes to set me off.  I bought Five Children and It at a garage sale this weekend.  It's been continually in print since 1902!  I started  reading the 1948 edition in a field of wild mint.  Both weird and wonderful.

I've been slacking on my free-writing.  Writing freely helps remove the block between thinking and expressing both visually and verbally.   I'm trying to ease back in by visiting oneword.com every day.  You are shown a word and given sixty seconds to write the first thing that pops into your mind.

How must one write?  How must one photograph?  Like this.

Quote of the week: "I am afraid that you have misunderstood my views. I am not especially interested in anonymous photography, or pictorialist photography, or avant-garde photography, or in straight, crooked or any other subspecific category of photography; I am interested in the entire, indivisible, hairy beast—because in the real world, where photographs are made, these subspecies, or races, interbreed shamelessly and continually."- John Szarkowski

Speaking of interbreeding.  A wonderful TED talk: Embracing the Remix. If you don't want to watch the whole thing at least skip to minute 7:27 and watch for about 40 seconds for a good laugh.

A must look at blog:  Colossal:  A blog about art and visual ingenuity

Things to try in the kitchen this month:  homemade wheat thins, pumpkin pie smoothie, and spinach mung bean soup.

And a new favorite recipe I already tried: no knead cinnamon rolls.  I will never knead another cinnamon roll again.

If you still need creative help try this list;  33 ways to stay creative.  Oh, oh, look at # 3.  I told you so!

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