Know Your Roots Lumber-Pirate

I found a flannel for a quarter at a garage sale recently.  I put it on and was instantly swept up in nostalgia.  On went my boots and I tromped around the house.

I'm going to lumber around the lake.  Baby, can I have your ax?  It will be really authentic.
 What if I see another lumberjack?  What's the proper greeting?  Yar?
 No, I think it's more of an errrr
 Whatever.  I should know.  My Granddaddy was a lumberjack.
 And how many trees have you fallen yourself?
 AND I'm a descendant of the Mafia.  Making me full blooded Lumber-Pirate.  Give. Me. That. Ax.  YAR!

whiskeytown lake portraitwhiskeytown lake portraitwhiskeytown lake portraitwhiskeytown lake portraitflannel woman black and white portrait


  1. Pretty much love all of these. :)

    1. Thanks Bethany. I've been thinking this week how cool it is we grew up around so many fishermen and loggers on the coast. Hard workers they are!

  2. all of these are beautiful. the black and white images you make are always full of ---- something. something wonderful.

    1. That makes me feel so good to hear. This last year I switched my main portfolio completely to black and white for more impact. As much as I love color, I always come back to the monotones.