Tenacity, Unicorns and Justice - A Link List

 Photo taken at Redding Lake Park

I watched an interview of  Salley Mann via Deb Schwedhelm's Blog this week.  I was struck with how she gave more credit to tenacity rather than talent. Tenacity:  diligence, stubbornness, heart, backbone, application, doggedness, guts, grit, fortitude, nerve, perseverance, stomach, willfulness, spunk, purpose.  Note to self, get some of that and hold on tight.  

Have you seen the images she took of her husband?   The Proud Flesh series is beautifully jarring.    I shed a few tears immediately.  You must read the words along with the images.

It is so good to see men portrayed with dignity and kindness.  Sometimes I think men are considered guilty by association just for being male.  I realize it's complicated given statistics on violence.  But if I were a man I would be hurt by this guilty tag.  The Wall Street Journal has in interesting article an regards to the subject: Eek! A Male!

I'm so impressed with The Liter of Light Project currently going on in the Philippines.   Oh how I love light!  Really ingenious.

On my nightstand is Justice:  What's the right thing to do?  Not so clear as one may think.

For the next day or so you can watch a free documentary, Food Stamped: Can You Eat Healthy on a Food Stamp Budget.  It's food for thought. But it has a fatal flaw.  Food stamps are meant as a supplement not as an income replacement.  The government counts on it to be part of a food budget, not all of it..  I know this because it's what the food stamp office told me when my family partook of the program in recent times.  Secondly, the stars of the show only did the food stamp budget for a week.  Hardly a realistic timetable to learn anything about this matter.  Thirdly, the budget consists on $1 per person per meal.  I successfully abided by that budget and fed my family healthy for almost two years.  So in answer to the movie's question, yes it can be done with a hell of a lot of effort and time.  Without dumpster diving like they filmed, dramatic much?  None the less, I found the movie interesting.  In particular watching the kids learn to prepare and eat healthy food with joy. 

Speaking of food.  I took my self portrait Elderberries  and made Elderberry syrup.  It's suppose to be great for the immune system.  My other half is a bit under the weather so I'm going to slip some in his green tea this afternoon.

And a quote:  "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." - Oscar Wilde

Regrets:  I went to garage sales today.  I'm a stickler about them.  I have to be or I'll overspend.. To prove to myself that I will not give into silly wants I passed by the unicorn shaped cookie cutter for a quarter.  I came home then realized the unicorn really belongs in my need category.  


  1. Isn't a unicorn cookie cutter in everyone's "need" category? :) I passed by about 8 different garage sales today, bur Paige was in no mood to spend time holding my hand while I looked, so I didn't go to any of them. There is a 2-family one about 3 houses down that I will probably walk by tomorrow, but I'm not expecting to find anything...they do a garage sale every few months & it's always junk.

    1. It was amazing to go by myself. I had stopped going for a long time because it was difficult with the kids. Let me know if you find anything good on your street, you never know!