I think one of the most terrifying things in life is questioning where you put your time.  How you've spent your life.  After you pour out blood, sweat and tears. 

But the doubts sneak up.  Because dreams are always a little beyond reach.

He came home last week with a twinkle in his eye 'I found you a whole burnt forest while flying today'.  Suddenly we are not a young couple wallowing in $100,000 of school debt, an entry level camera, and an entry level flight job.

No, no no, we are adventurers.  We are artists and lovers.  Wandering, feeling, living, free human beings.

I can taste the ash kicking up as we scramble over the rocks.  Some of them burst open from the heat.  The morning sun blinding our eyes.  The assurity that we could live no other life.  This is what we are made for.

california-wildfire- fine art nude male landscapeIMG_5602

fine art nude maleburnt-forest

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