Underwater Milk Portraits

milk and water fine art underwater portrait male nude

Well, the concept seemed cool.  I think it still can be.  I mostly like the above image. I just need to get a few details in order.

I don't have an underwater camera so it all needs to be shot looking down.  Standing over someone cuts body parts off and my feet kept getting in the shots.  At one point I found a vantage point about 10 feet up and was pouring milk with one hand and shooting with the other.  Totally nailed him in the face with milk, everything that hit the water made bubbles, and with every move there was a shower of gravel from my feet raining down on him.

The sheet though.  I dig it.  I saw an image somewhere recently that had a red square of cloth at the bottom of a pool and loved it.  I used one queen size sheet but will use two next time side by side.

I was just really uptight for some reason.  I feel like a jerk now.  Some super nice lady offered to help pour the milk and I just sorta blew her off.  I kept getting my camera damp and every other car that drove by honked their horn. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, Maryanne. 

But the water...  It was amazing.  Imagine a clear green lake on a 108 degree day.  Oh baby.

Here are a few snapshots below of what family time/ jerk face photographer work may look like.  It's bittersweet.  Swear next time I'll be more sweet.

fine art underwater portrait lakemilk-portrait-underwaterbehind-the-scenes-underwaterchild-lake-reflectionlake-sun-skin


  1. If you ever need someone to help you out during a shoot, let me know. :) I will more than willing to help you! ;)

    1. Good to know! That gives me more options if I know I could call on someone to help!