Saturday Market- Redding, CA

I've now lived in Redding, CA for a year and I'm just now making my first trip to the monthly library used book sale and weekly farmers market.

The best nine dollars and couple hours I've spent lately. Inspiration galore!   Leonardo daVinci's mind has always fascinated me and I now own a large book full of his sketches.  Anatomy, flying machines, earth movers.  Geeking out.  I did a quick overlay of the his wing structure sketch and am curious what else I can piece together.

The other book is Native American paintings and poetry.  Their connection with the land has always drawn me close in soul  The land always calls to me, beckons to me.  It knows I'm my mother's daughter.  My mother who was born between the redwoods and California's lost coast.  Who's first memory was the smell of the earth. "Dirt" she says sheepishly, "but it smelled so good"  Documenting the lost coast is another goal to achieve before I die...

Should tomatoes taste like candy and look like jewels?   I will make a breakfast salad   Yarm.  That is yum with a yar if you are unfamiliar with pirate.  Living in a house full of males makes me piratey.

devinci sketchimages of the universeredding-farmers-marketthe-trees-stand-shining-paintingthe-trees-stand-shiningredding-ca-farmers-market

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