Reverse Blur–Panning Effect on Waterfalls

It had never occurred to me I could freeze the waterfall and blur the scene until a happy accident this morning.   This could be improved with a little practice and luck.  By the time I discovered it, he was quite cold and ready to get out of the falls but let me take a few more.

These are 1/6 of a second, ISO 400 and my aperture was set to 7.1.  I handheld the camera and made a downward motion with the it at the rate I thought the water may be falling.

You can see they are imperfect, yet painterly and abstract.  I know abstract is not everyone's cup of tea...  I can't wait to try this out again and see if I can improve the sense of time, motion, and power.  Some of them turned out really funny in the way it warps the body.  I'm not sure I have permission to show the ones that resemble a pregnant primitive woman in a waterfall.  Boy was that a shock to see in my viewfinder!

Oh, one more note.  I'm almost positive by the time I took these he was standing in front of the falls and not in them.  It just looks like the water is touching his body.

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Part of the How I took it Contest open for entries through November.


  1. I really love the effect this technique has on the water.
    It also makes the male model look a bit alien like...kinda creepy.
    Excellent work. Good luck with the "how I took it" contest

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! Ha, he does look a little alien. You should have seen the outtakes.

  2. wonderful series; love the blurs and sense of play

  3. wonderful series; love the blur and the sense of play