Milky Waters

Ok, less work, more play.  I think this will be my last milk and water attempt unless I come up with a concept that needs it.  I'm not sure if it was the heat but my camera shutter started flickering while I took these.  Hope it's a fluke.  It was really hot out.

But look, he's like a rain cloud.  I was struggling to get him in the right position and he finally just picked up a large rock and sunk himself to the bottom along with a small ziploc baggie of milk.  It was shallow enough and the sun high enough that the distortion isn't too overkill in my opinion with the exception of the arm on the left.

I enjoy listening to cinematic music when i edit.  I was listening to Helen Jane Long and it was such dramatic drowning goodbye music.  Waving at my computer screen giggling,  Goodbye my little rain cloud, goodbye.  The real raincloud thinks I'm slightly ridiculous.

You can find my first attempt milk portraits here.


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