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The two fellows pictured above start school tomorrow.  This will be the first time in , oh... about five years since I've had a few hours a day away from my kids.  I love my kids, I'll miss my kids, and they are totally on to how exited my husband and I are to have a break from the constant party they've been having since entering the world.  If you like parties, have kids.  They will out scream, out dance, and do more damage to your house than any party animal before them.  It's fun.

And do I have links for you!

Breakfast just got easier.  We made these oatmeal yogurt cups last night and gobbled them up this morning.

Then I read Seth Godin's post and decided to get back on track.

I would love to own this Afronauts book.  So would everyone else, it's sold out.  View some images here.

My back up book I just started into, What Money Can't Buy:  The Moral Limits of Markets.  I think chapter 4  ,Markets in Life and Death, will be a particular disturbing one.

I had someone recommend a list of photographers for inspiration and was completely blown away by the work of Connie Imboden.  Just incredible underwater film images of nudes and reflections.

Back to the two crazies above.  They are really into dancing and this video is one of their favs.  Oh I hope we can give them dance lessons some day!   The music in the video is by LYNX, also worth checking out or using as a station on Pandora.

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