Technicalities Aside – Live a Little

Perfection isn't everything.   You know that right?  At some point you may have to choose between the perfect shot or the perfect moment.  'choose life so your children may live'  Getting biblical out of context , or is it?  Today I do as I please...

Gingerly walking though a waterfall gripping the thick moss with my toes.  Little boys who won't be young forever delighting in the lizards and newts.  Oh, the shock that mom doesn't like the slimy speckled one.  First sunburst making it's way through the trees and lungs exploding with fresh mountain air. Or was that my heart?  The falls hardly take pause in their roaring.

Blackberries!  Oh we stained our hands silly picking them.  Six quarts full, can you believe it!  I declare us mighty hunters or at least gatherers.  Warmth, golden grass, and not a care in the world.  How did I breathe before I knew your sweet faces?  I could live in this morning forever...

woman at crystal creek waterfall whiskeytown ca near reddingblackberry-stain-handsfine art crystal creek falls northern california near reddinghappy self portrait summerblackberry-wild-pickingwalking-waterfall-crystal-creek

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  1. Beautifully written. Beautifully photographed.