Seeing Double

Now that I've discovered how to make double exposures in Photoshop I'm all revved up to try it out.   I don't want to be gimmicky, but I do like how it's challenging me to think on a different path. The images of my son were taken with the intent of doubling up.  The self portraits are just pieces of land and form I've had sitting on my hard drive.

For an inspirational dose of multiple image may I suggest a peek at Jerry Uelsmann's work.  All sorts of crazy he's done with film and darkroom techniques.  Not double exposures per say, but great inspiration for.   My husband had bought me one of his books a couple years ago.  I had never heard of him so it was the most magical gift book I've ever received.

From top

Mountain clouds and human form
Oregon Redwood and human form
Portrait with hills and mountains at Whiskeytown
Sunrise walk at Lone Ranch Beach
Smartypants at sunset
Coastal forest with coastal waters

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