Portraits in the California Redwoods - Del Norte County

I was over on the coast for a couple the days and tried to squeeze every last bit of goodness from the place.  Pictured below is a trail off Walker Road in Del Norte County.  It's real close to the California/ Oregon border where I grew up. 

Best parts of the day;
Huge monster trees
Crazy burl perfect for nude shots
No rain
Daydreaming about dinosaurs

Not as best parts;
Constantly defogging the camera lens
Trying to fit something 200 feet tall in a 17 mm lens
Using a tripod to combat the dark conditions
"Mom, I have to go poop!"

Apparently while I was setting up my kids were using the burl as a 'weapon' stash.  If you look closely in the upper left section of burl you will see one of the sticks swords they had left.  Always leaving their mark.   The last image shows the burl from far away.

And as always, many thanks to my husband for being a patient model, lending creative ideas, and always carrying the heavier backpack! xoxo



  1. The redwoods are so cool. Seriously.

    1. Did you go often when you lived close? I'm guilty of ignoring them for the most part until I was an adult. I mean to drive 20 minutes to look at some trees seemed crazy at the time (:

  2. Love these! Guess which one is my favorite??? ;)

    1. You know I take it just for you Kim! I really ought to have done it when I had a higher perspective looking down but didn't think till later. When I was too tired to climb anymore. The trail I went on with you guys is closed for re-vegetation. I'm sure it's just dead body clean up and they don't want to scare people. What a memory!