Maybe the below video would have gone better with my redwood post.  Or maybe not.  The writer is probably just talking about trees.  But these past few weeks I'm quite convinced tree or tree hugger, growing is truly, painfully, beautifully forever.  Or at least feels like it.

"The trees were very, very young and had much living ahead of them...  

so they stretched out their root fingers and wrapped them around each others’, intertwining and holding very tight...

It is not easy to grow so much, for so long...

They were very large, but still not very old, and had much more growing to do....

Growing is forever, they whispered..."

Words by Kallie Markle
Video by Jesse Rosten

I know those trees.

Photos in this post taken on a little forest trail next to the Oregon Welcome Center near Brookings, Oregon. 

Growing is Forever from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

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