Tribal Vibe–Fine Art Kid Portrait

Tribal Kid Photo Fine Art Portraiture Palm Fronds
Tribal Kid Photo Fine Art Portraiture Palm Fronds
This is how my artist process goes:
I see power lines and poles with a dirt road leading up a hill.
I talk for months about how cool the dirt road is and how I must go there.
I drive out to the lake to watch a thunderstorm roll in.
It's a terrible view.
I drag my whole family up to the top of the hill with the power lines to watch the storm clouds.
It turns out everyone dumps their junk on this hill.
I see dead palm fronds in a pile as I'm getting back in the car.
I talk out loud about how cool they look.
I fantasize about these palms for a few days.
I gaze longingly at tribal photos online.
I drag my whole family back to the hill to gather the palm trash.
Model one falls asleep on the couch when we get home.
Model two does NOT want to model but gets drug into it anyhow.
It's 90 degrees outside and the palms itch.
I let him loose after a few shots and take it to Photoshop.
Person 3 can't model for these shots because he doesn't have the look.
He tells me he doesn't like this set of pictures.
I ask what he doesn't like?
"Everything" he says.

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  1. Well, I like them. And I totally understand about your last comment. I've heard that comment before from a certain someone...