Hiking Lassen Park's Cinder Cone in a Dress

fine art volcano self portrait photo lassen california
All in the name of fine art photography.  Ok, ok, so I was wearing jeans and pulled the dress over when I reached the top.  Which became my cape on the hike back to the camera.  Sort of a super hero moment.

We almost didn’t go because we were so tired.  Certainly one of those forced outings knowing it would be rewarding in the end.   I’m so proud of my kids for hiking up the Cinder Cone!  It’s over an 800 foot elevation gain and is basically like climbing a giant sand dune.  Made of sharp loose scoria.

I’ve been battling nausea for a few days and collapsed in a heap at the peak over our backpacks.  My son pulls out a recorder from his pack (like those plastic flutes) and starts playing.  Then goes, “I feel..I feel so happy… like a mountain goat!”  It was a pretty cute celebration going on while the adults just lay there dying.

The view was immense and incredible.  As you can see there is a huge crater in the middle.  The peak overlooks nearby mountains, lakes, and the painted dunes.  The wind was blowing hard and the sun shining bright and it was just a tad overwhelming to attempt to fit into a camera lens!

My final shot above you’ll notice I cut out the background and replaced with some storm clouds.  I don’t pull that thing often, but I just had to.  Half the self portraits I tried I was not even in the frame because I misjudged the distance.  Lesson learned.  But I think this is the most vast landscape I’ve pulled with self portraiture to date.  So it’s a milestone for sure.

Directions to Cinder Cone from Butte Lake

More about Cinder Cone and the Fantastic Lava Beds

That’s the real name, ‘fantastic’ lava beds!  I love it!

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  1. Congrats on making the climb. It's well worth it! I love that very first shot!

    1. Thanks Eric! I had checked out some of your painted hill shots online before heading out and it encouraged me to get out the door and start exploring! Now to clean my camera after all the that dust!