Burney Falls Panoramic and Behind the Scenes

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So I hear this waterfall has been photographed a bazillion times.  The local camera shop told me, the local photography facebook page told me, my common sense told me...  Which really both irritates and gives me the thrill of challenge.  This was my first time to McArthur-Burney Falls so I didn't know what to expect for lighting.  I waited around until dinner time for the whole area to be even shaded.  I had pulled a few images together from other photographers to create a mood board in preparation for the final image.

You would think a waterfall would be a photographers dream.  They are and they aren't.  There is a constant spray of water, noise, cold, and mother nature's chaos.  The whirl of motion sickness and the steady stream of tourists.  The sheer size to fit in a tiny lens.  The fear.  I'm afraid of lizards, snakes, fish, bugs, green slime, dark water, and flapping around in a dress in front of strangers.

But I set up shop on the shoreline.  I got the dress from Brooke Shaden and really wanted to take it on a photo date somewhere spectacular.  I mounted my 17-50mm lens on a tripod and used a polorizer to cut out the glare and deepen the foliage.  I then took 3 vertical shots of the waterfall so I could stitch them together to create a panoramic later.  My husband and I agreed on a hand cue I could give so he would know when to press the shutter once I was in the water.  Each exposure was 1.6 seconds long.  Long enough to blur the falls but short enough for me to stand fairly still.

Below are a few shots I took of the falls before hand.  And a few shots of me afterwards soaking wet and in my beloved Humble shirt.  Being under 129 feet of roaring water makes you feel humble.  Thinking you are being original just to look down the shore and see another girl your size in a similar red dress getting her pictures taken?  Excruciatingly humble.

Burney Falls Blue Water State Park California PhotoBurney Falls Photographer after a Swim!Burney Falls State Park Waterfall Water Spray PhotographMcArthur-Burney Falls Memorial SP

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