Sun and Stripes

If there's one thing you will never catch me doing it's dancing.  Maybe prance, never dance. But I do listen to music. I was listening to some reggae music while flipping through the photos I took today. And look, that's the closest you will see me to dancing. Or should I say jammin? (click link to listen)

So here is the lowdown if your taking pictures of yourself in a public setting. Bring your kid and whenever someone walks by and you feel awkward just stop what your doing and start calling the kids name. Like your just hanging out, and that's not your tripod. I look worried. It was bright. And I always look a little worried. When I was a kid people would ask me what was wrong all the time when I was perfectly happy. It's my face. Thanks everyone, I now have complex.

Photo tips: If it bends, bend it.  At least a little. Don't shower, greasy hair slicks back better.  I'm only half joking.   Coconut oil makes a nice sheen on your cheeks and it's great for your skin.  Just a tad will do.   Bra straps destroy photos and shoes can too. Leave them out unless your body requires support. One friendly stranger told me I looked comfortable. It's what jammin liberated does to you.  Enough nonsense, here are the photos!
Animated Gif of dancing woman in sunlight
Woman in Stripe Dress with shadow and light portraitContrasty Self Portrait, black and white fine art photographyFull Sun Self Portrait Photo with Dramatic ShadowsWoman self portrait photo, dramatic light, fashion

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  1. LOVE the post. I love all your self portraits. Thanks for sharing.